Every one is saying Paulie Calafiore is the one to watch on MTV’s The Challenge franchise.

After one season, the former Big Brother star instantly became the another bad boy for the series, even taking it on in real life, two-timing Danielle Maltby and Cara Maria Sorbello , texts soon revealed real side.

After Paulie’s breakup with Cara became very public, he made great attempts to change the public’s perception of him.  It was a movement not a lot of people were buying.  Now the reality star has shared a new tweet online which has people talking again.

“Perfection is a rare thing. Confirmation bias is a real thing. Demonization is a real thing. Hypocrisy is a real thing. Arbitration and third party perspectives no longer exist,” he shares.

 It’s not evident just who Calafiore is talking about in his rant, fans are suggesting he is talking about other Challenge competitors.

“I love seeing people who crumble when they receive hate online spew hate on situations they know nothing about. I love seeing people with their own mental health issues comment on their perception of others mental health issues. I love seeing people who refuse to work on themselves comment on how others should work on themselves. I love seeing people who are alone in their 60’s comment on how people should work through their relationships. I love seeing hypocrisy at its finest,” he ended his statement.

So far no word from any of his Challenge cast mates, even though they have been pretty outspoken about the new bad boy lately.