While stars of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise tend to find themselves frequently the subject of tabloid fodder- not to mention the subject of legal issues- it’s rare to hear of real life Teen Moms in the news (and tabloids) for major controversial legal reasons.

Sadly, Jenna Folwella 19 year old Mother from Arizona, has admitted to police that she murdered her son.

According to multiple reports online, prior to killing her son- which she did by means of drowning- Folwell admitted to the police that she googled “infanticide.” Specifically- and shockingly- infanticide refers to killing a child within the first year they are alive.

Reports note that Folwell contacted the police initially to tell them that her son had been taken from a park, alleging a man put a bag over her son’s head and took him away. Reports note that police later found her son inside of a duffel bag in her apartment.

Once her son was found, Folwell reportedly then said she was trying to give her son a bath and fainted, and then ended up confessing that she drowned him to stop him from crying, reportedly just letting go of him inside the bathtub. Then, according to reports, when she was unable to bring him back to life, she told police she put him in a duffel bag and went to the park.

Reports note that once police searched her phone history, they found that she had searched for the amount of time it would take an infant to drown, amongst other things.

Folwell was booked in a Maricopa County Arizona jail and being held on $1 million bail for first-degree-murder according to reports.

This is truly a horrific tragedy.