While women on The Real Housewives franchise are no stranger to legal troubles- namely with Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice having gone to jail, and Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Gina Kirschenheiter having recently been arrested– fans of the series will likely be surprised to hear that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Margaret Josephs is being sued for $200,000!

According to a new Radar Online report, Josephs is being sued by two of her friends, John Wayne Sigley and Lori Ann Sigley.

According to Radar, the Sigley’s loaned Josephs $200,000 with the promise that it would be paid back in a year. Since it’s now been 16 months since they loaned Josephs and her husband the money, the Sigley’s have decided to go the route of suing her.

According to court documents Radar obtained, they note that, “On or around September 23, 2016, Defendants each executed a Promissory Note in favor of Plaintiffs as consideration for and to secure a loan from Plaintiffs to Defendants in the principal amount of $200,000, plus interest at a rate of 6% per annum. Under the Promissory Note, payment of any outstanding amounts including interest was due on September 23, 2017.”

The documents also noted that, “Written demand for payment has been made since September 23, 2017, including but not limited to a Notice of Default and Demand for Payment by letter dated November 30, 2018; however, to date no payments have been made, and Defendants remain in default of the loan.”

The court documents also detail that, due to this lawsuit, Joseph’s house she owns in New Jersey could be at risk, detailing that, “Pursuant to the Promissory Note, the Loan is a ‘mortgage loan’ and is secured by collateral consisting of real property.”

Additionally, the court documents reveal that the Sigley’s requested the judge put “an equitable lien in Plaintiffs’ favor on, and granting the Plaintiffs a security interest in, the real property.”

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[Image c/o https://www.instagram.com/therealmargaretjosephs]