Yesterday we reported  that the long-time housewife and Bravo were in negotiations after the star’s role from ‘O.G. Housewife’ would be demoted to ‘part-time friend.’

Now Champion Daily has learned exclusively that Gunvalson is ‘absolutely crushed’ by the offer the network has extended.

According to one source, rumors began swirling that the 56 year-old, housewife, with the franchise since 2006, would be “getting the axe,” a rumor not many people “believed” until filming began without her.

 Orignal Cast 2006

“She’s been demoted, but she hasn’t agreed to take the offer,” news outlet Radar Online reported.

Also noted was that, “Typically, the ladies are given a really short time, like five days, to either accept the offer from Bravo, or leave the show. There aren’t a lot of negotiations.”

Gunvalson’s drug accusations against Dodd was critical in the network’s demotion decision. “The cocaine allegations played a part, but there was no organic story with the remaining cast,” the source said. “No one wanted to shoot with her.”

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