While casting changes are not unheard of in the Real Housewives world, it still always tends to surprise fans when one of the members of their favorite Housewives franchise gets fired.

However, what is typically less heard of even than a cast member being let go from the franchise, is one being let go from the season AFTER TAPING the entire season AND the cut being done RIGHT BEFORE the premiere of that season.

What do we mean?

According to a new story form Bravo TV’s The Daily Dish, a seventh cast member was set to be on the last season of The Real Housewives of Dallas and was fired RIGHT BEFORE the premiere of the season.

According to The Daily DishBrie Dupree was “a wealthy divorcée, appeared to fit right in with the rest of the Dallas socialites.”

So what happened to make Dupree lose her spot?

According to The Daily Dish, “when news broke that Brie’s twin sister, Bunny, suddenly disappeared, Brie became the number one suspect in Bunny’s missing person case and was fired from the show.”

So, basically, this means that Brie was a suspect of murdering her sister.

This all sounds too good to be true… and, it turns out, it is, as this is a new character for a new web series developed by comedian Amy Phillips, who is famous for impersonating Bravo-lebs and having her own radio show on Andy Cohen‘s Sirius station Radio Andy.

Even though this isn’t a real story, fans of Phillips’s will no doubt enjoy watching the adventures of the character Brie Dupree in her six episode web series entitled The Ex-Housewife. Fans can watch the show on BravoTV.com.