It’s no secret to fans of 90 Day Fiance that stars Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson have been having issues for a while now and are divorcing. However, even after announcing their divorce, it doesn’t seem like the drama between the pair is stopping.

Larissa had asked fans for donations to help pay her legal bills and it seems like Colt decided to go ahead and make a joke out of that.

How did Colt take a jab at Larissa’s donations?

If you look at his Instagram, you see that he posted a picture of rates where he offered women could rent him for Valentine’s Day. Included on the list of services were “The love birds (includes a kiss)” for $120 and “Dinner with your parents” for $60.

While the post itself didn’t necessarily seem to poke fun at Larissa’s situation, his caption certainly seemed to as he captioned the image, “Better than asking for donations I guess.”

Larissa spoke exclusively to In Touch to respond to Colt’s jab, telling them, “I think that is just low, that he brings up my donations.”

“Everyone knows that attorney doesn’t work for free, and I need three,” she continued.

Larissa further noted that, ““I worked for [eight] months on this TV show waking up 6 a.m. to get ready, recording all day — even [when] I was sick and he got all the money,”

“Everything that he says just shows off his true colors,” Larissa wrapped with saying.

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