A scene from tonight’s Teen Mom 2 was released in which star Kail Lowry details how Javi Marroquin couldn’t make their son, Lincoln’s, soccer game due to a meeting he had to attend. As fans of the show know, Lowry and Marroquin were married, but got divorced. Currently, Marroquin is dating Lauren Comeau, who he recently had a baby named Eli with.

Later on in the scene, Lowry calls her friend and details more on the situation. “Remember how I was telling you how Javi put Lauren’s name down as the other parent, the contact? So I had texted Javi and was like why would you do that or whatever. And his response to me was don’t miss game days. So today he texted me ‘I won’t be able to miss Linc’s soccer game because I have a town meeting at six. Wish him luck for me.’ I just ignored him because I didn’t want to go back and forth. The petty in me was like I want to text him and be like you’re a d**k because you literally just told me not to miss game days and that’s why you put Lauren’s contact down. And then he text me again when I didn’t respond and he goes ‘Hello did you get that?’ I said ‘Yeah, copy.’ He goes ‘thanks.’”
While it’s understandable why Lowry was upset, a ‘fan’ of the show took to Twitter to slam her over it, writing, “You are so immature like who cares that Lauren was added that’s @javimarroquin9 girl. You have three baby daddies- like get it together you always have an issue with somebody #TeenMom2.”
Lowry decided to respond to this person, tweeting, “If you watched the whole thing you would know I wasn’t upset she was added. However she should have been IN ADDITION to Javi & myself. Thank you, next.”
This led to Marroquin piping in with his own tweet, tweeting, “no one added her to any form. I already explained this…”
Lowry then took to respond to him via twitter, tweeting, “The group text, whatever tf it was. It’s not the deep. I was explaining why I was upset. And I have that right.”
While fans of the show will likely take a stance on who they agree with- and who they don’t- one thing is for certain- it definitely doesn’t look like Marroquin and Lowry are going to see eye to eye on this issue.
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