Jordyn Woods made her return to social media on Friday.  The model, 21, posted two selfies via Instagram Friday afternoon, showing off a new short haircut and sharing an empowering message that seemed to allude to her situation.

“If you’re reading this.. it means God has given you another day to wake up and be grateful & better than you were yesterday,” she captioned the pic.

Many people showed support in the comments, with followers writing encouraging messages including, “There’s my girl,” “Love to see this happy face!!” and “Welcome back beautiful lady!”

Unsurprisingly, a few haters as well.

And her fans came to her defense, one went as far as to call out trolls and say, “Its sad that people really take the time out their day to come and say something negative under someone else’s stuff its just miserable ash, we all know what she did was messed up don’t get me wrong but everybody makes mistakes you never know what someone is really going through with the whole world bashing them y’all should chill and learn a little positivity or don’t say nothing at all things like this happen in the everyday world but because she is famous she get bashed i bet it wasn’t a big deal when your best friend did it!!”