Jersey Shore star, Angelina Pivarnick has opened up to her fans, sharing her battle with depression.

In an article published by Life & Style earlier this week, Pivarnick, 32, shared that she has been having a hard time after being injured on while working as an EMT.

“To be honest, I got injured on the job trying to save a life,” she explained. In November 2017, Angelina lifted a 450-pound patient and is still dealing with the injury it caused.”

She went on to explain how she ‘tore’ her whole back during the incident and “was never the same.”

“I still hold the job as a [Fire Department of New York] EMT,” she explained, but she has been taking it easier on the job ever since. “It’s been a struggle. I am not the same.  I’ve been struggling with depression due to a lot going on in my life,” she told the news outlet, “And sometimes it doesn’t even have to be anything, I just get depressed out of nowhere.”

It’s for that reason she is coming forward to share her story and let her fans know they are not alone.

“Fans don’t know [that I struggle with depression],” she continued. “It’s a lot to deal with. I sleep at 6 p.m. most nights from depression.”

Angelina added that she hides it well, but she’s still hurting a lot inside. “No one knows [how much it can] affect your relationships at home with your loved ones and just you as a person.”

She has recently began speaking with a therapist, “I just started talking to someone, and I still feel like it’s not helping,” she said. “Maybe because it’s new.”

“I want people out there to know they aren’t alone and to get the help they need,” she said, even offering up her own sympathetic ear. “If they ever want to talk, message me.”