While fans have speculated about relationship issues between Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason for a while now- especially after an explosive 911 call where Evans alleged she had been attacked by Eason- today thing seemed to hit the fan in terms of their relationship.

Specifically, Evans took to her Facebook to claim that she was “separated” from Eason (which she has since removed from her Facebook). In addition to that, she also took to share a new picture of herself claiming she was “Single AF.”

Prior to posting these updates, Evans had taken to her social media to write “Wonder where my husband went,” clearly alleging to problems.

After these initial updates- which got everyone talking- Evans’s representative denied that her and Eason had split.

There definitely seems to be trouble in paradise, though, as her representative denying things hasn’t stopped Evans from continuing to take to social media and allude that there is clearly something going down.

“Someone change my mood,” Evans wrote on her Facebook with a heartbreak emoji, clearing indicating something isn’t right. Additionally, Evans still has yet to remove her “Single AF” photo.

Then, Evans took to share a picture of a short cut jumpsuit, writing, “Who wants to go out with me so I can wear this? Lol.” While it may not directly be related to what’s going down today, her asking “who wants to go out with me” is interesting wording, especially given in light of what else she’s posted today.

Also, in the comments on her “someone change my mood” post, someone commented, “I’m at a sex toy party if you want me to order you one. Single life is the way to gooooo trust me I do it” to which Evans responded, “hahaha love this.”

Then, a friend of Evans’s wrote, “I’ll change you mood! Lol See you Friday!!!!! Reunited” to which Evans wrote back, “thank god” with a tear emoji.

While it remains to be seen what Evans will continue to share- and if, indeed, Evans and Eason are definitely broken up- all signs seem to point to the fact that they indeed are.