Former Real Housewife of New Jersey Dina Manzo revealed via her Instagram story yesterday that she recently experienced several miscarriages.

While on the treadmill Wednesday, the former housewife was asked by one of her followers if she wished she had more children, to which Manzo replied:

“Sometimes,” she wrote back, not shying away from the question. “I recently lost a few pregnancies but God is in charge not me.”

Dina has a 22-year-old year daughter Lexi.

This isn’t the first time the Jersey girl has been forthcoming about her struggle with infertility. Over the summer she made an appearance on Jeff Lewis’ podcast, revealing that following a wild night in LA with Jeff and his husband Gage, she conceived but later lost the pregnancy

“We left three quarters into the night,” she told Lewis, “We left you guys in West Hollywood because Dave (her fiancè) got in a fight with a bouncer and we got in an Uber and went home, I got knocked up that night. Not by a random,” she gushed.

A stunned Jeff asked, “Wait, you got knocked up? What are you talking about?”

“Well I had a miscarriage,” Dina explained before adding, “I’m not laughing about the miscarriage. But come on, I was 44. Who knew you could get pregnant at 44?”