Women on MTV’sTeen Mom casts always have a lot of things going on in their lives and this is one of the key reasons why fans take so much interest in them.

While Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Jade Cline recently (and exclusively) shared with us her big baby news, she also revealed to us that she has some other news to share- and it’s pretty major!

So what’s Jade’s big reveal?

Jade exclusively shared that, “My Grandma off the show is opening her own restaurant, and me and Sean will be working in it!”

“It will be only family owned,” Jade continued sharing.

Jade also detailed that, “The location is in Greenwood, Indiana. It will be my Grandma Lori Sanders (from tv, the one who had cancer/surgery) and my papaw Chris Sanders.”

What will the name of the restaurant be?

“It’s is called Sanders Family Kitchen,” Jade proudly shared. “We are in the remodeling process, and currently buying new equipment. The menu has already been created and the license has already been granted.”

In terms of what her and Sean will do there, Jade detailed that, “I will be serving tables and also will be manager. Sean will be hosting/being the cashier. We don’t have an official open date set yet, we are shooting for February 1st but it is not in stone yet!”

“More details soon to come,” she wrapped with telling us.

This sounds so exciting! Congrats to Jade and her family!