There are always tons of baby rumors surrounding the Teen Mom OGTeen Mom 2, and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant casts. While most of these rumors turn out to not be substantiated by anything other than tabloid fodder, recently Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Jade Cline exclusively spoke to us about her baby news with the father of her first child, Sean Austin.

So what’s the news that Cline had to exclusively share?

“Me and Sean have discussed having another baby,” Cline exclusively shared with Champion Daily. “We really want a son.”

And what would the timeline of this be?

Cline exclusively shared that, “Sean said he can’t wait to have another baby and he said the sooner the better.”

“We actually thought Kloie was going to be boy, so we already have a boy name picked out,” Cline continued. “But if our second is a girl, Sean picked a name already for her.”

Cline also shared the couple’s plans to move in preparation for their next baby, noting that, “We are moving this month into a three bedroom instead of a two because we have been discussing having our second child together. I take birth control pills so anytime I want I can stop taking them and we can start trying.”

Cline wrapped with saying that, “My Mom doesn’t want us to have another baby yet, but I think it’s our choice and we know what we want for our family.”

This definitely sounds like an exciting step for Cline and Austin, and we will be sure to keep you posted should she announce that they are expecting. We wish them well on their journey together towards their second child.