When Teen Mom OG newbie Bristol Palin first joined the cast of the show earlier this year, fans were (unsurprisingly) quick to judge her. While fans of the franchise- whether fairly or unfairly- are always judging the girls who partake in the show for various things, one of the things people who watched the show (and tabloids) immediately tried to slam Palin for were accusations claiming she (along with members of her family) was homophobic.

One of the “pieces of evidence” that she was homophobic that reports pointed to was her reality show where her son reportedly said a derogatory term against gay people. However, a friend of Palin’s has spoken out to us exclusively off the record to insist that what happened on the show was misconstrued AND that Palin is far from homophobic.

“Bristol is one of the sweetest people I have ever known and I am honored to call her my friend,” Palin’s friend began with telling us.

“What you’ve seen on Teen Mom in terms of her ‘attitude’ could not be further from the person I know,” they continued. “The Bristol I know is sweet, supportive, and endearing.”

“Furthermore,” they added, “as a gay man, Bristol has never been anything but supportive towards me and my life. She has never once made any derogatory comments nor has she ever even given off a hint of homophobia. In fact, Bristol is the farthest thing from homophobic and it’s truly a shame that anyone would put her name and homophobia in the same sentence.”

Her friend had still more to tell us, stating, “Is Bristol a conservative person politically? Yes. Is she religious? Yes. Is she homophobic, though? Not at all. It’s a shame that people can’t see that.”

So what did they have to say about her son allegedly using “the f word” years ago? They dished to us that, “Reality TV is frequently edited to make people look bad, and this is a true case and point. Her son did say an f word, but it wasn’t THAT f word even though it was made to look that way, which is really sad as this has led to people thinking Bristol is something she is 100% not.”

“Also, regarding her children,” her friend also told us, “Bristol always teaches them to have respect for anyone, whether gay, straight, or indifferent. She teaches them that God loves everyone and that they should treat everyone with respect regardless of race, creed, or sexual orientation. To think people would think otherwise is really sad to me.”

“All in all, I am proud both of being a gay man and, as a proud gay man, to call Bristol a friend and ally,” they wrapped with saying. “Hopefully that clears any misnomer regarding her up.”

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