Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans has had her fair share of issues in the past, but on Monday night’s episode of the hit show, she dealt with probably one of her worst to date.  Viewers may have noticed that Jenelle was barely present in the episode, and it was because she had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency sinus surgery!


Jenelle broke down while talking to her producer, Kristen, it was so sad! Obvious she was feeling more than under the weather, Jenelle made the choice to get to the emergency room. We were really glad to hear that she was able to see a doctor — and finding out that she had to have surgery really drove the point home that her issues were serious.


In October 2018, she shared these photos of her recovery from the surgery, smiling, assuring fans she was feeling better after the procedure. . Great  news for Jenelle who has battled sinus issues before on the show.

Jenelle has been on camera a lot less this season than fans are used to.


After calling 911 in October after a fight with husband David Eason, Jenelle has been seen on camera less.  Her husband, was also famously fired from MTV after a series of events where the 30-year-old Eason let off a series of  highly offensive homophobic tweets.  Since then her story line has been reduced, because she finds it impossible to film without her family.


In October 2018, Jenelle called 9-1-1 after she claimed her husband physically abused her, then later denied.  (Jenelle Evans Call to 9-1-1)

Although we haven’t got to see much of her life on the show this season, we hope she is doing well and fully recovered from surgery.