Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have been together for quite some time- and married for a few years- but that doesn’t stop the rumor mill from constantly churning about the state of their relationship. Most notably, the most common rumor that surrounds the pair is that they are getting a divorce.

Although they have shot down divorce rumors in the past, it certainly didn’t help squash the rumor train this past season of the show when Tyler decided he wanted to do a “trial separation” from Cate. While they kept insisting this was not leading to a divorce- and did not even insinuate any move towards a divorce- tabloids and online critics were skeptical.

Then, this week, Tyler took to Twitter to respond to a fan who asked, “Tyler I thought you guys divorced ??? I read an article and it says you guys did… so like … can u clarify? Kuz if it’s true I’m done watching teen mom. we need answers!”

Tyler responded with the following, “Hey, if you read it in an article, then it just HAS TO BE TRUE! To be honest…WE ARE DIVORCED…(if being divorced means cuddling on the couch watching Harry Potter on SyFy) & I gotta say, we are both really diggin the divorced life. We’re both pretty happy with it!”

This of course led to some headlines claiming that Tyler confirmed they were divorcing- which, he clearly was being sarcastic with- and stories began circulating. This clearly didn’t sit well with Cate- who is very close to giving birth to their latest child- and she took to Instagram to slam the stories.

Attaching a picture with #BreakingNews Tyler confirms “We ARE DIVORCED!” Cate captioned it, “Nooo we are not 😂😂 #dontbelievethehype.”

So there you have it- the pair are clearly not divorced and any rumors regarding that should be considered squashed, though we are sure people will still keep talking about it regardless.

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[Image c/o Instagram.com/Catelynnmtv]