While there have been many couples on the Teen Mom series through the years that have come and gone, this year fans became vested in the relationship of Teen Mom OG star Bristol Palin and her now ex-husband Dakota Meyer.

While the pair separated during the course of the show, some recent photos have fans discussing if they could possibly be back together or not.

Bristol ended up sharing a photo that she captioned, “You know you’re a boss realtor when your ex husband trusts YOU to list his property.”

As followers of Bristol know, she is a real estate agent/relator, and clearly from the sounds of it Dakota hired her to sell his house.

Dakota, in turn, posted the same picture, noting that he has the “most bada** realtor in town!”

So could this mean that they’re back together? While it doesn’t appear to be the case- as the pair seem to be happily and productively co-parenting together- it couldn’t stop fans from starting to chatter in the comments as fans tend to typically do.

One fan wrote that they are “rooting for a reunited relationship” while another fan wrote they should “just get back together already.”

While only time will tell, one thing for now is for certain- seeing them have a mature, productive, and seemingly positive relationship is a fantastic thing.

Tell us- are you surprised to see Dakota and Bristol getting along so well? Let us know in the comments below.

[Photo c/o https://www.instagram.com/dakotameyer0317]