Fans of 90 Day Fiance who watched the most recent season saw star Kalani Faagata share her story with Asuelu Pulaa. The couple already had one baby together when Asuelu came over to America, and during the course of the season Kalani got pregnant with their second child.

Now, the couple have opened up in their YouTube show about having even MORE babies, even though their second child has not arrived yet.

“I want four kids,” Asuelu revealed in the video they shared to YouTube.

Kalani seemed surprised by this, saying, “Wow, it went from six to four?”

Then, Kalani detailed that, ““I want a third, hopefully, a girl — and then I want to be done. So I guess we will have to compromise.”

“If it’s six [or] seven but [all] boys, I will find a girl,” Asuelu noted in response to Kalani.

“What do you mean, you’re going to find a girl?” Kalani replied to him. “Do you mean like, adopt?”

He then looked at the current baby bump that Kalani is sporting and said, “No. Find from there.”

“So you’re saying you’re just gonna keep getting me pregnant until I have a girl?” she then asked him, to which he nodded yes.

“Wow, that sounds like so much fun,” she responded.

While Asuelu and Kalani await the birth of their forthcoming child, one thing is definitely clear- the couple is happy and doing well, and we are definitely happy to see that.

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[Photo c/o YouTube]