A bad day for the sportsbook, means a good day for NFL betters at least that is what week 9 of the season brought. NFL Week 9 Sunday may go down as a legendarily bad day for bookmakers nationwide, according to ESPN.  Nevada alone lost between $7 million and $10 million.  In the report industry insiders, ranked it as one of the worst Sundays they could remember.

The Bob Scucci sportsbook director of Vegas-based Boyd Gaming said in a statement:

“The public just nailed it, they had the big favorites — Bears, Chiefs, Panthers and Vikings as well as the short ‘dogs, Texans and Steelers. And a lot of the overs.

By the time we got to the two biggest games — Packers-Patriots and Rams-Saints — there were so many parlays alive that we were going to lose no matter what.”

It’s been a tough start to the football season, if you’re betting, Nevada sportsbooks won an all-time-high $56.3 million in September. October results have not yet been released.