The Oakland Athletics selected Kyler Murray with the ninth pick in the 2018 Major League Baseball draft and gave him a $4.66 million bonus. The verbal agreement was that he would finish out his college career playing football for Oklahoma Sooners. Then he won the Heisman. Now NFL teams are digging through film and trying to look past his 5’9” frame. They are convinced that he will play football over baseball.

“A lot of it comes down to what’s in your heart, what’s your passion, what you can be excited to do for this next chapter of your life,” Henson told ESPN in a phone conversation Thursday. “Do you like watching film more than you like hitting in the cage? Are you willing to give two seasons to staying in small towns and hotels and grinding it out and struggling and playing in front of 500 people when guys you dominated in college are playing on Monday Night Football?” – Drew Henson, former Michigan QB and New York Yankees prospect

What will Murray’s first move be? His report date to A’s spring training is February 15th. He has declared for the NFL draft in April. It would be tough to pass on first round NFL money. The current alternative is riding a bus in the minor leagues. However the long term with baseball could have more potential financially.