“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey shared a funny and embarrassing story to her Instagram on Super Bowl Sunday.

Bailey shared the hilarious tale of how she met “Tom Brady” and eventually learned that she had not,  even sharing how she asked for a photo with him.

“Confession. I ran into this guy last night in the lobby of the St. Regis. I asked for a picture because I thought he was @tombrady. I really did,” she explained. “I did interviews on the carpets last night saying how cool it was to bump into Tom Brady.”

She then shared a text message conversation she had with her boyfriend, sportscaster Mike Hill, which detailed how she learned it was not Brady.

Hill found it hysterical that she approached him for the photo and was relieved that she hadn’t posted the pic online saying it was Tom Brady.

“I’m gonna need you,” he texted, “as your SPORTS-CASTER boyfriend … NOT to not know who Tom Brady is.”

Bailey tried to save face at the end, writing on her Instagram, “Looking back now at the picture, ok maybe he is not Tom’s long lost twin. But he could be his cousin right or nah? What y’all think?”

We are with Mike on this one, you HAVE to know who Tom Brady is, it’s life.