After back-to-back years of declining ratings, bad press, and criticism from the President of the United States, Donald Trump, the NFL has something to celebrate.

Their TV viewership in 2018 went up about 5% overall from the previous year. 15.8 million viewers tuned-in to watch professional football on CBS, Fox, ESPN, and NBC.

The NFL made up 46 of the top 50 most-watched TV shows of 2018. NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” will most likely be TV’s No. 1 show in prime time for the 8th consecutive year.

The NFL’s declining in viewership was magnified in both media and political circles the last two seasons. President Trump and his supporters pointed to players kneeling in protest over police brutality during the National Anthem.

As for the league’s ratings bump in 2018, it could be attributed to many different factors. Great match-ups, high scoring, and big market teams in contention are others.