Baker Mayfield threw more shade at Hue Jackson on Monday in response to First Take analyst Damien Woody telling him he needs to grow up for his post-game anti-Hue Jackson remarks.

Monday Woody criticized Mayfield on ESPN’s First Take, saying he was being immature and a hypocrite.

“Baker Mayfield needs to grow up, you’re dealing with grown men. Things happen in pro football. You can get fired, go to other teams. Players get cut. They go to rivals. It happens all the time. Coach gets fired, he decides to pick up another job, available job that Marvin Lewis obviously reached out to him about. And what I find funny about this whole thing, Baker Mayfield, didn’t he go from Texas Tech to Oklahoma,” Woody expressed.

“You went from from Texas Tech to Oklahoma – two teams in the Big 12, but you want to argue, you want to talk about that? You wen from one rival to another in the same conference. He’s balling these last couple of weeks or whatever, but this whole comment just shows how immature he is. He needs to grow up.’’