Fans have been joking on social media after Clemson won the College Football Playoff National Championship, saying rapper Drake jinxed Alabama.

After the new year, the rapper posted a video wearing an Alabama sweatshirt talking about resolutions, “All that resolution stuff is great. All that mental talk to yourself is great. But what you got to do on the 1st, you got to get up and actually do it,” Drake said in the video.

After the post the Alabama football Twitter account shared the video, captioning it, “Get your mind right! Motivation from Drake repping Bama!”

Alabama fans quickly went on the attack commenting about the video, saying that they didn’t want his endorsement because he’s “bad luck.”

On January 3rd, ESPN joined in on the fun asking fans if Alabama would be the next victim of the ‘Drake Curse.’ The tweet was accompanied by a picture of the Toronto native wearing sweatshirts of different teams he has supported.

Unfortunately for the Alabama football team, they did lose the National Championship last night to Clemson, 44-16.

So we have to ask, real or not?