New York State is moving towards legalizing recreational marijuana for adults.  Former MLB Pitcher and famous Met, Darryl Strawberry, doesn’t think it’s a good idea for athletes to use marijuana as a pain reliever. He suggests that marijuana is a gateway drug and leads to other addictions.

“Most people don’t understand marijuana is a drug,” Strawberry told TMZ Sports. “It’s just the beginning. Starting people off when they’re young and then it leads to everything else.”

The message sounds hypocritical considering Strawberry struggled with major league drug addiction. He failed at least two drug tests and was exposed by a Doc Gooden documentary.

“Most young people start off with marijuana … it’s a gateway,” he added. “I started with marijuana when I was young — 14, 15 years old — and it led me to everything else.”

A large number of professional athletes admit to using grass to cope with pain.