If you live in Miami or the South Beach area, you’ve probably heard the rumblings of a love story gone wrong. The question everyone is asking — Is this theft or love?

World famous remix DJ Cedric Gervais, who has had Grammy success with his smash hit “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey and currently has the number one song in Europe, “Do it tonight”. Has been under fire for leaving his super model fiancee Sandra Kubicka for latin super model Ariadna Gutierrez.


This is where it gets sticky. Gutierrez who commands a 4million+ following on social media was rumored to be romantically involved with LIV nightlife guru PURPLE. According to our sources, Purple has been telling everyone in Miami and the nightlife industry that Gutierrez was his girlfriend and they were in love.

Our source stated, “Cedric stole Ariadna from Purple, it was a low class move because they were friends and Cedric was engaged to be married. Poor Sandra to be tossed aside because she wasn’t famous enough! And Cedric has worked for Purple at LIV on numerous occasions. Now Cedric is just throwing his new relationship in Purple’s face. Who does that?”

As InTouch reported, both Gervais and Kubicka have parted ways amicably. But this love war story is far from over. Stay tuned as Champion Daily will be following this drama religiously.