Peter Weber Calls Finding Love on TV "Unnatural"

Peter Weber Calls Finding Love on TV "Unnatural"


Peter Weber Calls Finding Love on TV "Unnatural"


Finding love on reality TV is tough, even when that is what you’re set out to do. For instance, finding love in Bachelor Nation in front of millions of viewers, and being able to hang onto that love and nurture it into an actual, meaningful long-term relationship? Not for everyone…. as we know!

Now one very famous Bachelor is opening up about the pressure after the show that ultimately ended his relationship.

In a new interview with Us Weekly, former BachelorPeter Weber broke it down, getting very candid about how the impact the public eye had with he and Kelley Flannagan’s relationship.

“It’s just — it’s unnatural,” he said of dating inside the Bach Nation bubble—not on the show, but after, when the Twitter commentary comes nonstop. “It’s unnatural having so many people be so interested in your relationship [and to] have every move, like, scrutinized….I remember with Kelley, when we started dating, [we were] trying to keep it hush, [stay] under wraps a little bit ’cause we’re trying to figure it out in that moment. And you don’t want, like, the whole Bach Nation giving their opinion on it. … [But] you can’t escape it.”


The former couple, who met before the season started and had a pretty instant connection. Still, he ended up cutting her before hometown dates and bouncing between relationships with both of his final two (Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett) before they finally got together in April 2020.

“Having so many opinions [about your relationship], it just gets to you,” Peter said on Friday. “Obviously, my experience is pretty unique with Kelley and whatnot.…But hey, you see couples come on [the show] and it works for them and they make it through it.”

As “unnatural” as Bachelor love can be though, Pete insists he has no regrets about, well, any of it.

“I think everything happened the way it was supposed to happen,” he explained. “I really do. I don’t have any regrets or anything. I learned about myself and, like, how I want to be in a relationship moving forward and what I want. And, you know, I’m so, so, so incredibly thankful for Kelley [and] for all the girls … [I] got to meet through the journey.”


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