Color Coordinate Your Closet Like a Pro

Color Coordinate Your Closet Like a Pro


Color Coordinate Your Closet Like a Pro


Use the opportunity to downsize your wardrobe

Once you’ve successfully color-coordinated your closet, you’ll be better able to take inventory of everything in your wardrobe. This system helps you analyze what items to part with and what items to add to your shopping list to round things out.


Color-coordinating your closet will help you see what items stick out the most from the rest of your clothing.

It’s the perfect opportunity to cut back your wardrobe to only the items in that color category you wear the most. For example, “Do you really need 20 white T-shirts?” Odds are, you could probably cut down. Letting go of the things that no longer serve you is not only the premise behind spring cleaning, but it’s a great mantra for life, too.


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