Color Coordinate Your Closet Like a Pro

Color Coordinate Your Closet Like a Pro


Color Coordinate Your Closet Like a Pro


When it comes to closet organization we would love to take one of those straight out of a Pintrest inspo board shelfies, (you know, those photos you take of your bookshelves or beauty cabinets to show off your cute things), and now it’s time to give more appreciation for a good closet picture.

Our closets contain our clothes, shoes, and accessories—the stuff that, for many of us, helps us express ourselves and feel confident in our skin. While we can still do all that even when our closets are a jumbled mess, having an organized, color-coordinated closet can make it a lot easier to locate all your favorite items. Not to mention, it’ll look great for a photo, too. Whether you’re gearing up for some spring cleaning or you’re tired of never being able to find your clothes, we highly recommend giving your closet the color-coordinated treatment.

Keep reading for tips on how to color coordinate your closet like a pro and join us in taking an Insta-worthy closet selfie (we’re making it a thing) when you’re done. NEXT page…


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