Did Lauren Comeau Leave Javi Marroquin For Good?

Did Lauren Comeau Leave Javi Marroquin For Good?


Did Lauren Comeau Leave Javi Marroquin For Good?


All is not well for Teen Mom 2 star, Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau and this isn’t the first time we have had to report this news, but before we tell you the latest as to what is happening with the couple now,  lets take a walk down memory lane through all the ups and downs of their relationship.

Seems like it was just this time last year that Javi was caught cheating on Lauren in one of the messiest ways we’ve ever heard of.  In case you have been so busy during quarantine and haven’t had time to keep up to speed about the drama between these two, here is your reminder.

As we mention last year the couple found themselves in the middle of drama!  Javi hosted a party for members of the Delaware gym that he owns, seems like no big deal right?  That is until a sleeping Lauren, who had gone to bed early came downstairs to find her husband hooking up with a female guest in their first floor bathroom.

After Lauren woke up — presumably, woman’s intuition kicked in telling her that something just wasn’t right in her own home, she found Javi in a very compromising situation in the bathroom, and not surprisingly, she was rather disgusted with the scene she walked in on.

For obvious reasons, Lauren promptly broke up with Javi and moved back home to Massachusetts and for a while it looked like these two were over for good.

But then something surprising happened, NEXT page…


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