Kail Lowry Changes Baby Name!

Kail Lowry Changes Baby Name!


Kail Lowry Changes Baby Name!


Fans following Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry have known for a bit now that she is pregnant with her fourth child with Chris Lopez (who is also the father of her third child). While there were a lot of rumors and tabloid fodder along the way from the very first second Lowry got pregnant (with speculation as to whether or not she actually was pregnant or not), to drama with Lopez, to fans speculating if she had given birth in private- it has now been confirmed that Lowry’s new baby is here. While she did not initially reveal a name, Kail did end up revelaing a name… but then that wasn’t the real name, so she told the official name… and then changed it again. What’s going on?

So what is it?



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