Nick Viall Reacts to Ex, Vanessa Grimaldi’s Engagement

Nick Viall Reacts to Ex, Vanessa Grimaldi’s Engagement


Nick Viall Reacts to Ex, Vanessa Grimaldi’s Engagement



On the heals of rumors swirling on who Nick Viall is dating, he is reacting to ex, Vanessa Grimaldi’s engagement.

ICYMI, rumors ran rampant after former Bachelor, Nick was spotted running in Venice, California with ex, Andi Dorfman.  Fans and some of Bachelor Nation immediately believed the two were giving love another shot.

But on his own, Viall Files podcast, the season 21 Bachelor cleared up rumors that he was dating Dorfman after they were spotted.

“Andi just moved to L.A. I got a text the other morning like, ‘Hey, guess who moved to L.A.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, cool.’ Andi and I are friends, we’ve been friends, we’ve been strong acquaintances over the years,” Viall said on Tuesday’s episode.

“We’re not the type of friends that call each other for help or to vent but she right now is staying near where I live and so she’s like, ‘I’m going running, do you want to join?’ I said, ‘Sure.’ And, you know, sure as s—t somebody decided to take a photo of our backs.”

He continued, “Not dating Andi but I welcomed her to L.A. and she seems to be doing great and she’s into the whole running thing and I’ve been running a lot lately and so, yeah, nice to see her,” Viall added on Tuesday’s episode of “Viall Files.”

Soon after it was reported that Viall was involved with yet another star from Bachelor Nation…. NEXT page….


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