Hannah Brown Finally Speaks Out on Use of N-Word

Hannah Brown Finally Speaks Out on Use of N-Word


Hannah Brown Finally Speaks Out on Use of N-Word



After two weeks of silence following her released statement apologizing for her us of the N-word, Hannah Brown is now speaking out.

It seems as though Rachel Lindsay may have been wrong. The backlash coming at Hanna for her recent use of the N-Word does not seem to slowing down. Rachel does not expect Hannah to change. And considering there has been nothing but silence from Hannah since her written statement, we aren’t so sure Rachel is wrong.

ICYMI, Bachelor Nation fave Hannah filmed herself on Instagram LIVE Saturday afternoon saying the N-word, and people are understandably upset about it.

Here is how it all went down, on Saturday, Hannah went live for almost an hour, and at one point, was trying to remember the TikTok dance that went along to the song “Rockstar” by DaBaby.

Singing the first few lines aloud, which include the N-word, Hannah then decides that she doesn’t want to do the dance after all and continues talking about how she wants to buy a beach house, apparently not realizing that she just did something incredibly offensive. After a bit, she starts noticing comments calling her out for saying the N-word and gives a lukewarm apology while laughing, saying, “I did? I’m so sorry…I don’t think…Maybe it was Patrick [her brother]. Um, anyway…”

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