Listen to Your Heart: Winners Tell All on Life After the Show

Listen to Your Heart: Winners Tell All on Life After the Show


Listen to Your Heart: Winners Tell All on Life After the Show


It was noted that the couple had a tougher time of it than usual during the episode and when asked what was going through their heads at the time, Bri says “Before the final performance, there was a lot that happened. We lost Matt and Rudi, and we really had to process through that quickly, because we had a rehearsal and we didn’t completely know the song, so we were stressed about that. And then, you know, the finale was just the biggest night of our lives, so I was definitely nervous and in my head and just afraid, and it wasn’t until right before we went on stage that I was like, we got this, I’m good. Chris was just always great. “

Chris added, “Yeah I have a pretty good poker face when it comes to anxiety, so I was like, Bri’s going through it, I can’t show that I’m going through it so much. And by the time that I was showing that I was really nervous, Bri was completely relaxed. So it just goes to show how we truly do balance each other out.”

Though it was obvious to everyone including Chris Harrison that the couple would be the ones to come out on top, the couple was asked if it felt obvious to them. Bri explained, “Looking back it makes sense, just because for us it was such smooth sailing. But looking back at the other couples and everything, it was really cool to just see how everyone works through their things differently and luckily for us, everything worked in our favor. But every day I still wasn’t like, oh yeah, we’re gonna win this. I really didn’t know what was gonna happen. “

While Chris says, “We figured out on episode three what winning would entail, so the idea of the prize…we still knew it while we were performing, but it wasn’t at the front of our mind. The front of my mind was the prize that was in my right hand. It was Bri, you know. So we both knew that we had each other, which is more than we could have asked for coming into this scenario. So at a certain point, we were like, of course we want that prize, but it came second to the love, for sure.


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