Listen To Your Heart: Are Julia and Savannah Still Friends?

Listen To Your Heart: Are Julia and Savannah Still Friends?


Listen To Your Heart: Are Julia and Savannah Still Friends?



By now you know that most of the time the friendships that are made amongst the Bachelor Nation contestants often times last longer than the love they go there to find. But, there is the occasion that a cast member or two will cross a line that there is no coming back from. Could that be the case for Julia and Savannah?

ICYMI, we recently told you everything you need to know about Listen to Your Heart, the new Bachelor Franchise spinoff. Like the other ABC spin-ff Bachelor in Paradise, LTYH will consist of eight female contestants and 12 men. During the first week, the women will be handing out the roses during the rose ceremony after going on dates and spending time with the men at the mansion. The following week, more women will arrive, and the men will have the power.

“With the rose ceremonies, there are men and women. Women hand out the roses to the guys, guys will then hand out roses to the women and people will be going home based on those relationships — having nothing to do with the music,” Harrison revealed. “Music’s always a part of the show on the dates and you know, they’ll be at the house, playing for each other, but it’s not about the performances.”

So how is this different from the other Bachelor franchise shows? According to Harrison, its much different, first off the Mansion is much “bigger” and the cast come from all different walks of life.

“Some people have been grinding at this for forever,” he said. “One of the guys was just on American Idol, someone came out of their church choir, musical theater, you name it. They all want that relationship. And they know it’s tough to find being a musician.”

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