Kim Zolciak Biermann, She Makes it Look So Easy

Kim Zolciak Biermann, She Makes it Look So Easy


Kim Zolciak Biermann, She Makes it Look So Easy


While much of the world sits under quarantine alone, 41-year-old Kim Zolciak Biermann, makes mommin’ look like a piece of cake.

Happily married and living the dream in the ATL with her loving husband Kroy and their six children, the Biermann household is always a busy place.  Especially for parents who are now teachers, aside form their other commitments!


Between filming the “Corona Chronicles” with son KJ, 8, Kash, 7 and Kaia, 6, to recording her podcast, House of Kim  or working on her Kashmere collab with daughters, Brielle, 23 and Ariana, 18  the mom of six and wife, has more than enough to keep her busy!


How does she make it look so easy? Lets take a look back at how the Biermann’s got started.

Always growing and changing! Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s family has expanded and morphed in front of the public eye.  In 2008 fans of the Real Housewives were introduced to Kim, an OG of the Atlanta cast, and her two young daughters, Brielle and Ariana. When Kim joined the cast of the popular Bravo reality show, she was a single mom, who was adamant on getting her foot in the door in the music industry.

In 2008 Zolciak-Beirmann began work on a country music album. She released a debut single, the dance track “Tardy for the Party,” in 2009, followed by a remix EP the following year.

Best known as the blonde-wig-clad member of the original RHOA cast, and one of the most popular to this day, she left the show after five seasons. But not before meeting the man of her dreams, husband, Kroy, who could forget her first encounter with “tight ass,” during season 4.

It was love at first sight for Kim when she spotted Kroy’s butt a decade ago. As you might remember, it was at the charity event Dancing with Atlanta Stars when she met her future hubby for the very first time. And she definitely didn’t play coy. In fact, she spent the encounter going on and on about his fit physique. It’s a moment that Kim is more than happy the cameras were rolling on. The couple soon became official and engaged.

However half way through the fifth season, Kim left the show to focus on her new life with her then Atlanta Falcons football stud. Kim’s TV career didn’t end there.  Bravo then gave Kim a wedding special, who could forget, Don’t be Tardy for the Wedding. Kim married Kroy, who is seven years younger than her on November 11, 2011. (11.11.11)

The first season, documented the couple as they prepared for their wedding, as well as the wedding day itself. It was announced in November 2012 that the series had been renewed for a second season, with the series being renamed to its current title, Don’t be Tardy.

Shortly after their I-Do’s, the Atlanta couple welcomed their first child together, Kroy Jr., the former NFL player also adopted her daughters, Brielle and Ariana, from previous relationships in July 2013 and just 14-months later, Kim gave birth to the twosome’s second son, Kash Kade, 7, in 2012.

Season 2 premiered on April 16, 2013. The second season encompassing Kim as she moved on from RHOA, and took care of her family, built her dream home, and managed to live out of the townhouse with the couple’s growing family.

In April 2014, Bravo announced the third season renewal of Don’t Be Tardy. When that season premiered on July 17, 2014,  Kim and Kroy’s two new twins (a boy and a girl), Kaia Rose Biermann and Kane Ren Biermann born, November 25, 2013 were featured in the show.


When season 3, kicked off, Kim was juggling caring for Kroy and six children, she also has to manage her assistant, Sweetie and eccentric nanny, Lana. As the noise level and chaos in the house escalate, one thing is definitely clear: the Biermann’s need more help.

Half way through the season, the art of managing new borns and teenagers reared its head as the family took off to Destin, Florida and Brielle than seventeen, wanted to party! But as the season wrapped, Kroy joined his wife in Miami for a “mommy makeover” leaving Brielle and Ariana in charge of holding down the fort back at home in Atlanta.


In March 2015, Bravo renewed Don’t be Tardy for a fourth season, which premiered on August 16, 2015, yes it is that good!   Fast Forward to September 2019, almost a decade later, the show was renewed for its eighth season, set to premiere on July 12, 2020.


So how do Kim and Kroy make it work?  With their business commitments, filming a show, and every thing life throws at them?

During a recent interview, Kim opened up revealing that being on the same page, is how they manage raising their big brood.

While speaking with Us Weekly, Kim dished that when it comes to her kids it is impossible for them to “pit us (she and Kroy) against each other.”  Adding, “There’s none of that stuff. They know that our foundation is really, really solid.”


Continuing the supermom/business woman explained, “Our marriage comes first. I know a lot of people get on me when I say this, but it really does. I don’t feel like we could be great parents if we didn’t put our marriage first. Our kids are not able to go to me and say, ‘Mom, can I have… ?’ I’ll say, ‘Did you ask Dad?’ And they know, they need to say ‘yes’ or ’no.’”


So would they consider adding another Biermann to the mix? In November 2019, Kim dished that she and Biermann talk about adding another baby to their tribe “all the time.” Explaining, “Kroy had a vasectomy, so it’s something we’d have to really go and do. … I mean, we probably would’ve had six more if he didn’t!”


Kim and Kroy put on a ‘United Front’  

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