Teen Mom OG's Maci and Taylor are On 'Different Pages' When it Comes to One Very Important Life Choice

Teen Mom OG's Maci and Taylor are On 'Different Pages' When it Comes to One Very Important Life Choice


Teen Mom OG's Maci and Taylor are On 'Different Pages' When it Comes to One Very Important Life Choice


Looking back on when Teen Mom first began, Maci Bookout was an instant hit with fans. From her down-to-earth personality to her can-do attitude, Maci proved she could go to school, be a teenage parent, to son Bentley, 12, and deal with all of life’s challenges all on her own

Maci then found love with husband, Taylor McKinney, and now, she’s doing better than ever. The couple shares two more kids, Jayde, 5 and Maverick, 3.

There have been many rumors that yet another little McKinney would be on the way. And as fans know Maci loves children, so speculation is constantly surrounding her and whether or not she is expecting. Just last summer rumors began swirling after a few Instagram posts that the mom of three was in fact pregnant, again!

The photos show Maci with what appears to be a baby bump — and fans freaked out. “Maci totally looks pregnant,” a fan on Reddit said at the time, while many others echoed that same sentiment. Further speculation fueled the fire when Maci didn’t directly address the rumors.

Soon after Maci posted another photo that completely dis-spelled all the rumors.

Thanks to a follow-up Instagram post, the thought that she was expecting was completely taken off the table, when a picture of her washing her Jeep hit the net.

Her faux bump, became known as the “disappearing” bump, too. Soon after another photo was shared by the reality star, fans flocked to the comments to confirm that there’s no baby bump in sight. “Yeah she’s definitely not pregnant lol,” one fan commented after noticing Maci’s thin midsection in the photo. “Oh my gosh, you’re not pregnant like all these Instagram stories said!!!” another added.

At one point Maci opened up to fans about her struggle with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which left her hesitant to be open to anything more than adoption.   

During last season of Teen Mom OG, Maci got brutally honest about the hormonal disorder.

“The hard part about it is the anxiety and irritability that comes along with it,” Maci confided to her friends. “Sometimes I’m like, ‘If I didn’t have PCOS, I wouldn’t have been so irritable with my children today.’ I think a lot more women have PCOS, and they don’t know they have it.”

Turns out, her MTV producer suffers from the same medical condition, and the two women bonded over their respective battles.


Her producer confided at the time, “I don’t have kids, so I have the option if I’m not at work, I can literally lay on my couch and cry,”  adding, “you’ve got three kids that you have to take care of, and you can’t do that.”

While Maci admitted that “it sucks,” she stated that the possible solutions — like taking medicine every day which causes side effects or surgery — were not options at this time.

At one point Maci visited her gynecologist to stop taking birth control, in order to get her PCOS under control.  

When Maci took a trip to her doctor to talk about her options before she replaces her birth control. She was hoping that she could, at one point, stop using birth control to see how her PCOS would respond.

“I would like to be at a point where I no longer have to be on any birth control, not because I want more children or anything, but for the simple fact that I’ve never been able to learn how my body reacts and processes and deals with PCOS without birth control,” she explained.

Brody said she might be able to control her condition with a healthy lifestyle, which she agreed with. She wanted to see if she could control PCOS without birth control but also without getting pregnant.

“Where are they with male birth control?” Bookout asked.

Brody said scientists are working on it and Brody (her doctor) implied that many men think it is the woman’s responsibility to take birth control.

“Oh trust me, that’s why I was a teen mom,” Maci joked.

Her doctor then went on to discuss Taylor’s options.

Brody then asked if her husband, Taylor , was considering a vasectomy and if they talked about it. She said they talked about it, but not a lot. Brody said he could help them with appointments to see consultants.

“I just don’t want him to do something he’s not ready to do,” Bookout said.

Bookout has been open about her polycystic ovary syndrome on TM in the past and has tried to raise awareness of the condition. Fans even saw her head to Washington, D.C. to meet with Tennessee congressmen about making September PCOS Awareness Month.


“I think for me, I just want to gain more knowledge and understanding of the condition,” Bookout told MTV News earlier this year.

“I want to become more comfortable with the lack of knowledge, because no one really has any. So it’s hard to talk about something that you live with, and it’s tough to talk about it. I want to be more comfortable in my ignorance, because only then can we really show that we need more research.”

The MTV star added, “But I think as a whole, getting PCOS completely under the women’s health umbrella and for it to be taken seriously. My goal is that by the time Jayde hits puberty and becomes a woman, there will be testing that’s done at her first OBGYN appointment to say, ‘You have this, these are the risks, you have some of the signs,’ etc. That’s my short-term and long-term goals, because so many women don’t get diagnosed or are misdiagnosed. So more severe issues come up, even though they have PCOS.”

So where do the couple stand today when it comes to adding more kids to their tribe?  

During an August 2019 episode the couple, were agreeing to disagree.  And as it has recently been revealed that is still the case today!


During the Thursday, April 16, episode of “Watch With Us” podcast the two revealed, “We’re on the same page as far as it being OK, that we’re on different pages.” Adding, “That’s one of the things that we really tried to stay consistent in is that it’s normal and not completely crazy that we are on different sides of the fence when it comes to that. And we’re both also very respectful of how the other one feels about it. ”

While Maci is not convinced she wants more children, Taylor seems to be on the complete opposite side of the coin.


“We talk about it a lot. And I mean, nothing’s really changed as far as our opinions go, but that’s OK,” Taylor revealed.

“As time goes on, we’ll come to some sort of actual resolution or agreement. But I mean, for now, I think just as long as we keep talking about it — even when we’re not on the same page — it’s best.”

Maci also revealed on the podcast that watching the show has actually helped her and McKinney as a couple.


“It’s easy to watch the show and then, especially if it’s more of the difficult or harder moments, it’s easy to kind of bring the conversation back up in a different time,” Maci revealed.

“It’s kind of like how people say, ‘Your show helps me talk to my kids about sex and birth control.’ It’s the same for me and Taylor, I’d say. We can actually use the show to open the conversation without being offended or come across wrong or right or hateful.”

Sounds like there are no concrete plans for a fourth child, yet.  But things happen!

What do you think, should the couple have another baby?

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