#RIP Teen Mom Star Reveals Death in Family

#RIP Teen Mom Star Reveals Death in Family


#RIP Teen Mom Star Reveals Death in Family



As for Mackenzie she was left to explain to her kids that their grandmother was dying from cancer. She really didn’t need a cheating husband on top of it. She kicked Josh out of the house. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to work on the marriage and in the meantime the kids missed him.

They repeatedly asked where daddy was? They also noticed that Mackenzie’s has been running a little hot lately and so they asked where their dad was because they said he’s nicer. Mackenzie couldn’t exactly tell them the truth. She instead went to her mom for advice and her mother thought she should consider taking Josh back. Her mom is very big on family. She doesn’t want the kids to miss out and in doing so she even suggested that maybe Mackenzie should consider the part she played in everything, but Mackenzie shut that down. She said she hates it when women blame themselves for what their husband did and so she wasn’t going to be doing that any time soon.

As for Tyler and Catelynn were in a different place, traveling to Hawaii together and they renewing their vows, and although things seem to be going great for them, this past week things took a turn for the couple when Catelynn revealed this shocking news to her fans.

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