#RIP Teen Mom Star Reveals Death in Family

#RIP Teen Mom Star Reveals Death in Family


#RIP Teen Mom Star Reveals Death in Family



Then there was Maci who has a restraining order against Ryan for threatening her husband. The restraining order also means they don’t talk. They talked through intermediaries and that’s how Maci found out about a birthday party. Her son’s half brother was having his first birthday and Bentley wasn’t invited until practically the last minute. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of thought or planning that went into the birthday party and so by the time he received an invitation Bentley was already going on a family vacation to Louisiana. This was planned for weeks ahead of time.

Making it clear though, Maci revealed she didn’t ‘withhold’ Bentley to teach Ryan a lesson. She also wasn’t thinking about Ryan and he needs to get over himself. Although Ryan thought differently. He said that’s how she’s been for ten years and he didn’t that was going to change once the restraining order expired. The thing was coming up for renewal and everyone just assumed that Maci wasn’t going to keep it in place. Maci meanwhile was talking to her friends and she said before she could drop the restraining order that she would like an apology from Ryan. A simple acknowledgment that what he did was wrong would go a long way.



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