#RIP Teen Mom Star Reveals Death in Family

#RIP Teen Mom Star Reveals Death in Family


#RIP Teen Mom Star Reveals Death in Family



Meanwhile, Cheyenne spoke to her mother and sister about her goals for her family, revealing that she doesn’t want to make a life-changing decsion unless he has a ring on her finger. Adding that she wants to get married one day and have more children. She didn’t think that would happen if she moved in with a guy prematurely because then they would become like roommates.

But her boyfriend, Matt, doesn’t see it that way. He reminded her that she talks about taking their relationship to the next level and moving in could be a step towards that direction. He also asked Cheyenne to look at places with him. They were going to be driving around and looking at places and neither of them was sure if they were moving in together or not.

However that wasn’t all the drama there was…. NEXT page…


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