#RIP Teen Mom Star Reveals Death in Family

#RIP Teen Mom Star Reveals Death in Family


#RIP Teen Mom Star Reveals Death in Family




Just last week the ninth season of Teen Mom OG kicked off and there was plenty of drama going on.

After Amber was arrested, for domestic violence against her boyfriend, and possibly facing jail, her daughter Leah, now eleven, caught on to what was going on. Leah talked about it with her stepmother, Christina, who was unsure of how to comfort the pre-teen. Trying to comfort her, both Gary Shirley (Amber’s ex) where perplexed on how to prevent Leah from going on the internet and seeing it for herself.

Amber meanwhile feels so bad for what she did. Her now ex-boyfriend could take her youngest baby away. She knows she shouldn’t have laid her hands on Andrew. Admitting she has been seeking treatment and it wasn’t enough to prevent the incident in this case. The other teen moms all know Amber and some of them even consider her a friend. They’re all worried about her. And what this could mean for her baby.



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