Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson Tell ALL

Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson Tell ALL


Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson Tell ALL



Tamra addressed how Simon is doing, detailing, “He’s doing the best he can. He finished treatment. We’ve all been there for him. The whole family has rallied together. He gave his statement solely because people were starting to figure it out. He had contacted me and said, like, you know, the guy… said to me at the hospital I didn’t know you were from the Orange County. There’s a couple of patients that came out and said they saw you getting chemo. I said my advice to you is to get behind the story before somebody else does… so he was very brave to tell his story. He’s had a lot of support.”

“You know what really, really, really hurt me?” Tamra later noted on the topic of Simon. “When Simon gave his interview to People Magazine about his cancer and how severe it was not one person from production reached out to me. Not one. Not how are your kids doing, nothing. He was part of the show as well… Andy reached out to me. And I talked to Doug and Alex. But there’s so many people that I worked with that never, ever reached out to me. That just made me go, wow, I never meant anything to them. Ever.”
Tamra and Vicki also addressed what’s next for them- and if they could end up returning this season to The Real Housewives of Orange County.
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