'Unexpected' Star, Max Schenzel Arrested!

'Unexpected' Star, Max Schenzel Arrested!


'Unexpected' Star, Max Schenzel Arrested!


Max’s probation being revoked, according to his probation officer is for the following reasons:

This officer has reason to believe that the defendant has failed to comply with the following term(s) of probation:

• The defendant committed the crime of assault-injury domestic violence on or about December 30, 2019.

• The defendant had law enforcement contact on 12/30/2019, 1/30/2020 and did not report law enforcement contact to the Adult Probation Department within twenty-four (24) hours.

• The defendant did not receive prior approval before changing residence

• The defendant left the state, on or about September 6, 2019 without written permission of the Adult Probation Department and traveled to New York. The defendant left the state after being directed on August 13, 2019 that he needed permission and a travel permit to go to New York.

• The defendant did not actively participate and cooperate in residential treatment counseling or assistance at Crossroads as determined by Adult Probation Department, or as required by law, given assessment results and/or behavior.

So far Chloe has remained silent on social media since his arrest. It remains to be seen is she plans to stand behind her promise to leave Max if he had to spend more than a few days in jail.

SOURCES: ‘Unexpected’: Max Schenzel Arrested Again

UNEXPECTED Max Schenzel arrested for probation violation, currently in jail without bond


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