EXCLUSIVE: 'Pregnant!' Jade Cline Confirms Baby News

EXCLUSIVE: 'Pregnant!' Jade Cline Confirms Baby News


EXCLUSIVE: 'Pregnant!' Jade Cline Confirms Baby News



Jade continued sharing with us at the time that, “After I left set they were removing my mic and all I seen on the screen was Ashley jump up in Kayla’s face while she was sitting down and start saying, ‘Well Jade said this about you’ and ‘Jade said that’ which everything she was saying was completely made up. And Kayla and Brianna told me they already knew it was all BS. She just wanted to try to turn people against me. She was mad when she started the drama that Kayla said on stage, ‘Ashley is this what we’re doing, seriously?’ because no one wanted it to be a big fight on stage. None of us wanted to deal with that.”

“I know a lot happened after I left with her and Kayla, and Ashley said something about her kids and that’s why Kayla took off her shoes,” Jade went on to note regarding her former co-stars getting into it. “Kayla never got into it with her over me. Ashley started talkin sh*t to her about her family and sh*t and that’s where it started from.”

“I didn’t see anything though, Jade noted, “because I was already on my way back to the hotel.”

While all this was crazy, Jade revealed something even CRAZIER to us later regarding the reunion. What was it? And what’s this about her being pregnant?



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