EXCLUSIVE: 'Pregnant!' Jade Cline Confirms Baby News

EXCLUSIVE: 'Pregnant!' Jade Cline Confirms Baby News


EXCLUSIVE: 'Pregnant!' Jade Cline Confirms Baby News



“It was verified through all the executives that no one offered Ashley anything and I guess that sh*t hurt her feelings,” Jade continued telling us back when the reunion had just taped. “When she started with her sh*t, I hopped up out of my seat because it’s bullsh*t. She starts sh*t when there’s 20 security guards around. She had my number. She could have texted me before, but of course she didn’t and all that ‘meet me at the m&m store’ is BS because security was with her and us ALLL NIGHT. So nothing could happen. She did all this sh*t to look hard online.”

She continued dishing at the time that, “What really was dumb though was she sat on stage yelling after I left saying I talked sh*t about the other girls . Which they knew was BS because me and Ashley never f**ked with each other like I did Kayla and Brianna.:

“Ashley also went online and said that we took our shoes off and tried to jump her, which wasn’t even the case,” Jade also stated. “Her and Kayla got into it long after I left the stage, and I never took my shoes off at all.”

Jade still had more to share at the time, though. What did she say back then? And what’s she saying now about being pregnant?



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