EXCLUSIVE: 'Pregnant!' Jade Cline Confirms Baby News

EXCLUSIVE: 'Pregnant!' Jade Cline Confirms Baby News


EXCLUSIVE: 'Pregnant!' Jade Cline Confirms Baby News



While the season watched Jade struggle with then boyfriend Sean, who she ended up breaking up with, as well as problems with her Mother, the biggest drama seemed to come during the taping of the reunion. This was during a segment when Jade’s former co-stars from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant were brought onstage at the Teen Mom 2 reunion.

At the time, a production insider exclusively spoke to us and dished the following on the reunion:

  • “A massive fight broke out at the Teen Mom 2 reunion.”
  • “All hell broke loose when Ashley Jones from Young and Pregnant tried to start with Jade.”
  • ” It seems Ashley wasn’t happy that Jade got on Teen Mom 2 and she came for her. A massive fight broke out and jade and Ashley almost got into a physical altercation. Ashley also tried fighting with the rest of her Young and Pregnantcast. Some of the girls began taking off their shoes and whatnot and security had to storm in. It was truly insane.”

What else did the insider tell us at the time? And what’s this about Jade being pregnant?



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