The Bachelor: Tammy Says Kelsey Has Alcohol Problem

The Bachelor: Tammy Says Kelsey Has Alcohol Problem


The Bachelor: Tammy Says Kelsey Has Alcohol Problem



There has never been a shortage of drama on The Bachelor, and this season is no different, and last night’s episode proved to be just that.

During the Monday, January 27, episode of The Bachelor, things got weird fast when Victoria F. got the first one-on-one date after the contestants traveled to Cleveland to meet up with Peter. The would-be couple seemed to be having a good time until they showed up at a Chase Rice concert.

Victoria was uncomfortable since Chase is her ex, but she didn’t let on to Peter that anything was wrong; she even sang all the words to his song. Chase spoke to Peter after his performance but didn’t share his history with Victoria, very weird!

After pulling Chase aside to discuss how awkward the encounter was, he confessed he had no idea it would be her on the date, despite knowing that she was on the show. She told him she couldn’t lie to Peter about their past, and Chase encouraged her to do what she felt was right.

In a confessional later, Victoria, claimed Chase didn’t want her to come on the show. However, she sucked it up and told Peter the truth. She said Chase’s lifestyle didn’t match hers and she had no feelings for him, so she broke things off. She thought Peter wouldn’t want her to continue on the show.

Fast forward to the group date, where a familiar face showed up! NEXT page…


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