'Star Wars': How Ben Solo Can Be Resurrected After Rise of Skywalker

'Star Wars': How Ben Solo Can Be Resurrected After Rise of Skywalker


'Star Wars': How Ben Solo Can Be Resurrected After Rise of Skywalker


In terms of the future, this scene could have a variety of implications. If Ben fell into an Exegol vergence shortly before dying, the energy of the planet might still be lingering enough to revive him, similar to how the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who grows back a hand because he only recently regenerated. Alternatively, being cast into the vergence but clinging onto the rock might’ve still been enough to give Ben an ‘extra life’ of sorts, allowing him one single go at cheating death from being exposed to the planet’s energy. The word “transportative” could be significant – fans assume the disappearance of Ben’s body is due to being at one with the Force, like Obi-Wan, Yoda and Luke Skywalker previously. But describing the vergences on Exegol as transportative implies that they move beings from one place to another. Was Ben’s disappearance not a death, but a relocation?

While the future of Ben is currently unknown, perhaps even to Disney themselves right now, there’s enough built into the mythology of Exegol to provide a potential route back for the character if Star Wars ever decides they want more of Adam Driver. Certainly, The Rise of Skywalker‘s closing scenes leave Rey’s future on an open note, and the Force dyad intrinsically links her with Ben Solo, probably even in death. Many fans might describe Rey and Ben’s story as unfinished, so there’s definitely room for his return in terms of the narrative, depending on whether Disney decide to use their next Star Wars film as a completely fresh start or a semi-continuation of the sequel trilogy.

Making Ben Solo’s return even more likely, some theories suggest that Exegol is a gateway to the Star Wars World Between Worlds, a connective realm of the Force that features in Star Wars Rebels. The Jedi Ezra Bridger enters this plane and manages to save Ahsoka Tano from death, hearing Kylo Ren’s voice while he’s visiting. If Exegol does link to the World Between Worlds, and Ben’s physical body died there, there’s a clear path for Jedi (or Sith) from the past or present to reach in and bring the character back to life. After The Rise of Skywalker, Disney might just want to let the past die ahead of Star Wars 10, but a contingency for Ben Solo’s return does seem to have been subtly laid out.


Star Wars Theory: How Ben Solo Can Be Resurrected After Rise of Skywalker


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