Philadelphia Eagles under current power struggle

Philadelphia Eagles under current power struggle


Philadelphia Eagles under current power struggle


Jeffrey Lurie probably interprets the Super Bowl ring on his finger not only as a reminder of the thrill of victory, but also as evidence supporting his processes as an owner.  However after two straight 9-7 seasons, one could wonder if thats still the case.

If Doug Pederson really believed that the best path forward for his coaching staff was with Mike Groh returning as offensive coordinator, and he was fired one day later, then what does that say about Lurie’s faith in Pederson’s abilities as a decision-maker?  It starting to feel like the clock has started to tick on Pederson’s job security.

Whatever the reality of the situation, it’s not blatantly clear to all who is deciding what.

This goes not just for composition of the coaching staff, but in the relationship between it and the people in charge of providing them players.

In both regards, there is something to be said for a diversity of opinion, and it seems possible if not probable that the emphasis on such an ideal was the reason for Groh’s departure.

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