‘WandaVision’ Leak Could Arrange Dr. Doom's MCU Debut

‘WandaVision’ Leak Could Arrange Dr. Doom's MCU Debut


‘WandaVision’ Leak Could Arrange Dr. Doom's MCU Debut


The introduction or Dr. Doom might be getting closer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A potential new development from someone who may be involved with the production is hinting at the origin of Victor von Doom being teased, in the upcoming debut season of the WandaVision series headed to the Disney+ streaming service.

A woman who claims to have been cast in the upcoming series shared some interesting tweets that indicate the series might be setting up the introduction of Doomstadt, the birthplace of Dr. Doom.

Sheila Knox, an actress with one credit to her name listed online, tweeted that she was having to cut her vacation short after her agent informed her that she will be cast in WandaVision. Knox then went on to tweet something more interesting: “Doomstadt! In Helen!”

Doomstadt in Helen would mean the production is posing Helen, Georgia as Victor von Doom’s birthplace from the pages of Marvel Comics. Helen, Georgia is a small Bavarian town which already offers up a perfect look for the setting and would not require a tremendous amount of dressing. WandaVision is filming near Atlanta at the Pinewood Studios in Georgia, so the notion of the production taking over a small town in Helen is not farfetched.

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